DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Funko POP! Are Coming From The Future To Your Collection

What can we say? We’ve gotta have our Pops.

Sad, but true. Our crippling addition to breakfast cereal took root in the early 90’s and has barely relinquished its grip since. It saps our financial resources so persistently, we can barely keep up with our parallel compulsion to collect every brand-new Funko POP! Vinyl release, such as the upcoming figures honoring DC’s “Legends Of Tomorrow”.

Damn you, Pops. Damn you.

Look what your crunchy, slightly sweet deliciousness has made of us, you demon part of a complete breakfast. When we do things behind our friendly neighborhood Safeway that would make our mothers weep, we shame ourselves to feed our need for you, not to give The Atom, Firestorm, and White Canary permanent homes on our shelves beside The Flash and Green Arrow.

Cereal and toys have ruined our lives. No, you can’t save us. Just click the link, place your orders, and put enough dollarydoos in our pockets to feed both these wretched wolves of addiction.

Legends Of Tomorrow Funko POP (2)Legends Of Tomorrow Funko POP (1)Legends Of Tomorrow Funko POP (4)Legends Of Tomorrow Funko POP (5)Legends Of Tomorrow Funko POP (6)Legends Of Tomorrow Funko POP (7)

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