DC Funko Pop! Mugs Bring Batman, Robin, Superman & Wonder Woman Legendary Heroes To Breakfast

We nerds have needs. Coffee is more than just our earthy breakfast treat. It’s what fuels us to craft, code, game, read and binge-watch endless long hours after the rest of the world has tapped out.

Still, these DC Funko Pop! Mugs play into a norm that would be…well, awkward to explain to extra-terrestrial tourists: we so revere such iconic modern demigods as Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Superman, that we honor them by pretending to consume steamy hot beverages from their skulls while their eyes stare blankly into our own.

May neither the Doctor nor Darkseid judge us too harshly. For what it’s worth, we sometimes justify our make-believe by telling ourselves these Jason Todd’s Robin (we voted for the bitchy whiny-butt to die and we’d do it again), that alternate Wonder Woman from THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX that gutted Billy Batson like a trout, Frank Miller’s bonkers “goddamn Batman” from THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, and maybe not Superman so much as Superboy Prime.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Eh, a bit lofty. We’re all about championing toast, sausage, and the most important meal of the day.

DC Superhero Funko Pop Mugs 1DC Superhero Funko Pop Mugs 3DC Superhero Funko Pop Mugs 4DC Superhero Funko Pop Mugs 5
Source – Nerdalicious

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Truth, Justice, Coffee & Toast is the American Superhero Way of every breakfast

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