DC and Marvel Chess Collection Reinvents Lackluster Chess Pieces

You’re no rookie at strategy games. Whether you’re taking over the world by storm in Risk, infiltrating the ranks in Stratego, or taking a more traditional approach to strategy, a the chess world is reinventing the game of chess for all your comic-book needs.

Marvel and DC is getting rid of traditional boring chess pieces and replacing them with your favorite DC and Marvel characters. Each hand-painted character has a unique designation that is identified by what type of pedestal they stand on and is sold individually. Taking their customization even further by providing multiple options for each different chess destination. This means instead of mashing up DC characters with Marvel (a big no no in the comic-book world) you can have an all X-Men team or all villain team.

By reinventing the game everyone has seen as boring with all the new tech out there, Marvel and Dc is seriously turning up the heat in this classic game of strategy.

Marvel Chess Collection 5 Marvel Chess Collection 4 Marvel Chess Collection 3 Marvel Chess Collection 2 Marvel Chess Collection 1

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Marvel Chess Pieces
Marvel Chess Pieces
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