Das Can-In-Stein Turns 12 oz Cans Into A Pewter Tankard For Oktoberfest Everyday

What happens when you meld a 12oz. can of beer with a pewter stein? You get a Das Can-in-Stein – an innovative, hybrid drinking mug that not only looks awesome, but it is guaranteed to quench your thirst, in style.

If you are a drink loving person who appreciates well-wishing toasts on special occasions, then this pewter inspired hinged lid stein, crafted from quality resin, is a must have item. It can firmly hold any 12 oz. can of beer and is perfect for toasting any occasion because it makes you look like you are drinking from a real pewter stein.

One of the benefits of drinking from a hinged lid stein is that you are guaranteed not to have any flies or insects buzzing around your mug while you are socializing with friends. However, don’t put it in the microwave or dishwasher, it is the price to pay for having an authenticated looking stein made of resin.

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The perfect container for your Mountain Dew during long gaming sessions

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