Dartsplosion Sends Nerf Guns Back Into the Stone Age

Having trouble acting your age? Forget it, it’s just a number! Whether you’re learning how to have fun again or you’re a 10 year old stuck in a 30-something year old’s body, turn back time with an icon of your childhood.

BoomCo has created a monster with their Dartsplosion, a beastly steroid-pumped version of the classic Nerf gun. This monstrosity has a pair of barrels that’ll fire 72 rounds of debilitating foam darts at your whim. Simply slap in six C batteries, some ammo, and you’re ready to massacre! Toggle between single and automatic fire depending on your thirst for destruction.

If you’re just looking to upstage those pesky kids or wanting to show your greedy coworkers what happens when they eat your lunch, Dartsplosion packs a serious punch.

Source – Gizmodo via Blasterlabs

BOOMco's Dartsplosion 72 BOOMco's Dartsplosion 72 BOOMco's Dartsplosion 72 BOOMco's Dartsplosion 72
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