Darts Memo Board Keeps Your Office Goals On Target

Office jobs are BORING, everybody knows that. Files, reports, deadlines, coworker drama, it all gets tiring after a while. Before you start feeling alienated with your fun-loving ways and your company’s rigid structure, there’s a great many ways to incorporate some much-needed entertainment in your cubicle or department.

Don’t transform that trash can into a basketball net. That’s not good enough for you. For a truly striking experience incorporate your favorite bar time activity into the office with a Kikkerland Darts Memo Board. This board comes with 5 darts and is sure to hone your accuracy on your next project or bar-hopping experience.

Not ready for the next big project? Make the dart memo board a chore wheel at home or work. Bullseye gets an extra break!
Dart Board Memo Holder 1 Dart Board Memo Holder 2 Dart Board Memo Holder 3
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