Darth Vaders’ Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs To Grill With The Force

Barbecuing is like, the most fun you can have right? Star  Wars is the ultimate sci-fi movie ever. What could beat standing out in the sun with a cold beer cooking meat? And then eating that meat?

Well, how about eating meat and drinking beer at your home bar while swinging around a lightsaber with real saber sounds and everything? Yep, that will do it!

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Look around the internet and it quickly becomes obvious that the world is obsessed with Star Wars. And rightly so! You can almost any kind of implement, device or every day object in the shape of stuff from the Star Wars film series and now you can even get a set of Star Wars BBQ tongs.

These Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ tongs are from Underground Toys and will do the job perfectly as a set of tongs for you to turn over your meat and make sure it’s all properly cooked. But then when you’re done, you simply push them together and sheath them to have them looking like a lightsaber again. The lightsaber is red , and modeled after Darth Vaders’ lightsaber by the way, so technically you are a Sith Lord rather than a Jedi.

Star Wars Lightsaber Tongs

Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

That means that while you’re cooking you have to pretend that you have killed Yoda and you are now burning him and eating him.

That’s not weird.


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