Darth Vader Pen Holder Celebrates Skywalker Family’s Awkward Father’s Day Legacy

We’re willing to bet Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cast one indescribably awkward combined pall over the Skywalker family. After all, Anakin kind of made sure his kids would never get to treat Padme to brunch over mimosas. Later, his best friend started Anakin’s son down a path that eventually cost Luke his hand and forced Anakin to lay down his life for that of the fruit of his loins. Fast forward, and Ben Solo grows up worshipping his ruthless Sith Lord grandfather, turns his father Han into a lightsaber-kabob in front of his best friend and makes a widow of Anakin’s daughter Leia as the re-christened Kylo Ren.

Assuming the Star Wars universe has an equivalent to Father’s Day among the stars, we have to think there’s no gift more worthy of the driving force of the First Order and his homicidal genes than this Darth Vader Pen Holder. It’s an impressively (most impressively) detailed bust of Vader holding a lightsaber-styled ballpoint pen refillable with black or the included decidedly Sith-worthy red ink.

In the Skywalker family, slaughter is the gift that keeps on giving. It isn’t murder. It’s tradition.

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The pen is mightier than the lightsaber

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