Darth Vader Mask Will Give You Nightmares And Test Your Gag Reflex

Do creepy crawly critters make you nauseous? Quick! Look away! Seriously though, this Darth Vader mask is a true beacon of creativity, beauty, and horror.Sculptor and photographer Klaus Enrique has been known for his humanoid sculptures fashioned out of fruits and vegetables, but this masterpiece is hauntingly beautiful. What’s his inspiration? Ironically, this artist was sketching a tarantula when he noticed the arachnid resembled a portion of Darth Vader’s mask.

By spending 300 hours and 150 insects from around the world he chiseled this sculpt into an exceptional work of art. It just comes to show that when life gives you lemons, make a terrifying Darth Vader mask high in protein!

Source – Wired via Klaus Enrique

Darth Vader Masks
Darth Vader Masks
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