Darth Vader Lightsaber Spatula Flips The Dark Side’s BBQ Burgers

We’ve always wondered, what becomes of an elegant weapon for a more civilized age when its usefulness is overtaken by the advanced firepower to reduce a planet to space faring


Props to our pals at ThinkGeek, because this Darth Vader Lightsaber Spatula reminds us that there’s far more to this weaponry than just a lethal blade of light. After all, if that handle is an effective enough grip for intense close-quarters melee combat, think of the additional applications. For example, we could imagine few more “cutting” insults than stripping down a certain tyrannical Sith Lord’s lightsaber and re-purposing the hilt of his fearsome weapon to flip burgers and press the logo of a saga chronicling his downfall into seared animal flesh.

Make no mistake, this is no generic lightsaber wielded by the long-since-forgotten Sith apprentice Darth Dale. The heat-proof plastic handle is indeed crafted in detail to resemble the very lightsaber the former Anakin Skywalker wielded to perform the galaxy’s greatest disappearing act on Obi-Wan Kenobi and ruin his son Luke’s concert pianist ambitions. You haven’t truly had the last laugh on your enemy until you’ve transitioned his weapon from cutting down his Jedi companions to turning cookies.
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