Darth Vader Humidifier Helmet Mists So You Stop Breathing Like Him

Darth Vader represented the best the Dark Side had to offer, and he only used the best equipment available, especially his helmet. Vader’s helmet was the ultimate air purifier, because of his physical condition after his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar, which left him charred and almost dead, the air filtration system needed to be the best the empire had.

Now, for Star Wars fans, the Darth Vader Humidifier is here and it is equipped with the best tabletop equipment this planet has to offer – ultrasonic technology that dispenses a continual, gentle and soothing mist that remedies and relieves dryness, fights mold/mildew and an assortment of other ailments with anti-microbial technology.

The Darth Vader Humidifier Helmet holds up to a ½ gallon of water has 10 settings and automatically turns itself off after 12 hours of continual use. And, because Darth Vader is strong with the force, there is a nightlight that will light your way in the ‘dark side’ of the room.

Darth Vader Humidifier
Darth Vader Humidifier
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