Darth Vader Glow-In-The-Dark T-Shirt Reminds Us How Seductive the Dark Side Is

Since the announcement of Stars Wars Episode VII set to hit the box office in 2015, Star Wars fans have been ever eager to get their hands on more Star Wars gear. What does the future hold for these heroes, and will we ever get to see another Vader in action?

Though he may have been vanquished in episode VI, Darth Vader is still a haunting, deadly figure to mess with.

Darth Vader Glow in the Dark Shirt

This Darth Vader 100% cotton T-shirt resurrects one of the many memorable moments in the Star Wars Saga, and features the climactic moment when Vader is electrified by Force lightning. The image is even more ghastly when you turn those lights off. Give yourself over to the Dark Side.

Source – Technabob via ThinkGeek

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