Darth Vader BBQ Apron Rules The Dark Side Of The Bun

The force is strong with the chef who harnesses the power of this Star Wars Darth Vader BBQ Apron. Subordinate kitchen help will obey your every command and will fear your working space. As a Dark Lord Chef, both wanted and unwanted guests and extended family will respect you if you alter their meal plans, and then pray that you do not alter it any further!

This Sith Lord apron has four slits for pockets and allows you to carry the tools of the trade and is 100% cotton coated PVC, with a 90″ long strap. With the power of the fork on your side, you will surely slice and dice your way to victorious dark side dishes aimed to please, like it or not. Complete this geeky grill-master look with the  Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Sure there are other Star Wars Aprons out there , but if you have a craving for culinary villainy, and you love Star Wars, then without a doubt, this Star Wars Darth Vader BBQ Apron will complete your new identity. And, informing your kids of your true identity will be fun, “I’m your father.”

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