Dark Knight Silk Tie Is Not Semi-Formal Attire For A Superstitious, Cowardly Lot

Times will arise in life when people will tell you it isn’t appropriate to strike respect and/or fear into the hearts of men with the shadowy sigil of a bat. Those people are not now, nor have they likely ever been, Batman.

Also, they are wrong.

After all, nobody is going to step to Bruce Wayne himself and tell that guy that this Dark Knight Silk Tie isn’t the definitively stylish finishing touch he needs, nor the one he deserves. If you can’t believe that you’re on Bruce Wayne’s level, why should anyone else?

Handmade in Italy and officially licensed by no less than DC Comics, this ThinkGeek-exclusive neck-wear is handsomely patterned with the iteration of the immortally iconic Batman symbol designed for Christopher Nolan’s cinematic Dark Knight Trilogy. The stylishly subtle grey insignia stands against a black background, making this 100%-silk tie a fitting complement to virtually any suit, but it is also available with a yellow logo paired against a grey background from the DC classicist in your life.

Dark Knight Silk Tie 2Dark Knight Silk Tie 1

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