Dancing Groot USB Car Charger Grooves On The Go While Powering Up Your Gadgets

Groot doesn’t say much. Then again, when your roots don’t lie, you can afford to be an anthropomorphic tree of few words.

Three words at a time, to be exact.

Meanwhile, this exclusive ThinkGeek-original Marvel Groot USB Car Charger lets your music and that groovy junk in his trunk do the talking while pumping some juice into any USB-compatible device. Baby Groot is one of the most beloved characters people saw, assuming you stayed to the very end credits. The self-sacrificial tiny tree-titan who stole our hearts in the mid-credits interlude of “Guardians of the Galaxy” alongside Drax sits in a conveniently cup holder-sized pot and shakes his little moneymaker as long as he’s plugged in and reviving your smartphone, tablet, GPS, MP3 player, or anything else that his two ports could lend a pick-me-up. Each port offers 2.1 Amps, enough power to simultaneously recharge two tablets.

Just in case your vehicle has a cigarette lighter, the Marvel Groot USB Car Charger ships with a DC12V adapter.




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