Dagobah Shower Curtain Helps You Forget Your Filthy Bathroom

Got an eye for the melancholy? Is your doleful demeanor only countered by the state of your bathroom? Don’t cry over leaky faucets, take it on Star Wars to distract you with eerie landscapes of swamps and forests.

Let’s face it, cleaning your bathroom feels more like a prison sentence than something productive to do. Forget yellow sanitary gloves with a Dagobah shower curtain. This shower curtain measures 72 x 72 inches and will transport you to the dark atmosphere of Yoda’s final resting place to forget those troubles.

Do you have a layer of garbage lining your bathroom floor you’re just too tired to clean up after? Forget your hoarder ways and imagine the junk as space debris that somehow made its way to Dagobah.

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful conversation with Yoda before he disappears for good or you’re just looking for an escape, take a trip to Dagobah to forget that broken shell of a bathroom.

Dagoba Shower Curtain

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