Dad Built An Awesome Star Wars X-Wing Baby Rocker on Earth (And Tatooine!)

Steve Coupe is a New Zealand based toy crafter who has been in the business of making wooden toys for the last 25 years. With this latest creation though, he has truly outdone himself.

The X-Wing Fighter rocker is a dream come true for Dads with a soft spot for Star Wars or who have space-bound aspirations for their offspring. It even comes complete with its own built-in R2D2 to help with parenting duties.

The rocker is made from Radiata pine and Macrocarpa and doesn’t have any paint other than a few blue panels on R2D2’s dome. This gives it the very appealing look of a futuristic spaceship married to an old-fashioned design. And it’s just in time for the new trilogy!

Creating the battleship/crib was no easy feat though. ‘It was about 40 hours of filling my nostrils with galactic sawdust.’ Coupe explains. For those who plan to try making their own rocker, he advises planning ahead to ensure the parts can be dismantled and stored easily.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to rock your children to sleep in their very X-wing fighters. Just make sure not to use too much force. Get it?

Source – CNET & Steves


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