Cute Flying Dogs Become Ridiculously Funny Portraits

No Birds, No Planes, But German Photographer Captures Flight Of The Fido

One of the wonderful things about dogs is how incredibly graceful they can sometimes appear while also looking just the right degree of….”derpy”.

Seriously. Cats will often perform some actually pretty remarkable physical feats ranging from “How in seven Hells did you get up there?” to “How in the name of all that is holy did you fit IN there?” and deliver that same look: “Why do you look surprised? I’m incredible.” As German friend to pooches everywhere and photographer Julia Christe learned with this light-hearted photo set, dogs will match their sometimes incredible agile and impressive moves with expressions that say either, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING IN LIFE!” or “I REGRET IT ALL!”

We’re glad to report that every dog Christe coaxed into bouncing around on a springy mattress made of fun in front of a powerful fan met with any harm at all. Each owner simply gave his or her canine companion a little low-height drop, and….BOING! Every size from huskies to Pomeranian took to the air with fur blown back and eyes often wide with confusion – and, quite possibly, a little bit of glee.

Source – Sobadsogood via Julia Christe

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