Cute Cat Motorcycle Helmets Keep The Sweetest Biker Bad Asses Safe

We can’t help wondering how different “Sons Of Anarchy” would have been had SAMCRO and the Mayans donned Russian motorcycle helmet designer Nitronos Motostudio’s adorably handsome Neko-helmet, high-quality protective headgear that not only sports brilliant feline-inspired art over every exterior inch, but the finishing feline touch of fiberglass ears firmly attached to the top.

Designs range single-color helmets, more modern palettes of multiple colors and even a cutesy cotton-candy pink topper to custom palettes for precise matches to personal riding gear and photo-exact aerography wraparound art to perfectly adorn the helmet with a special cat’s stare.

Each helmet is made in-house based on the IXS-1000 with a convenient folding sun-visor and single light-protective visor. Each double-ventilated helmet is lined inside with a removable 100% polyester layer. The ears themselves won’t hinder aerodynamic performance even at 100 km/h speeds and despite being durably affixed up top, they destroy quickly and cleanly in an accident to avoid additional injury to the wearer.

So….who’s down to ride with Hell’s Kitties for life, eh?



Source – LaughingSquid via Nitrinos Motostudio

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These are purrrrfect for the cat-loving biker

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