Custom Selfie Toaster Presents The New Face Of Breakfast By Using Yours

After a while, we at Unique Hunters grew a bit weary of Jesus popping in for a chat by way of our toast. It was a pleasant surprise at first, sure. After about the seventh or eighth Sunday in a row, though? That guy loves the pop-in.

Praise The Selfie Toaster, for it has granted us a much-needed change of breakfast scenery. When you send The Vermont Novelty Toaster Company a photo with decent resolution and a redeemable code, they send you back a customized 3.75″ x 3.50″ custom stainless steel insert designed to burn the image of your choice right into your bread, bagel, English muffin or toaster strudel of choice. For the sake of “practice”, every order also includes a “starter” plate to get the hang of burning in a little extra pizazz while you await your custom plate.

We love us some Jesus, but let’s face it, there are mornings when that’s the last face we want staring back at us. It’s like He knows what we did last night, and we are just not comfortable with that. A little too much pressure to repent before coffee, if you ask us.

Selfie-Toaster (3)Selfie-Toaster (2)slefie-toastSelfie-Toaster (1)Selfie-Toaster (4)


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Eating Your Own Face has Never Been More Delicious

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