Cuphead Video Game From E3 Steals The Show. Takes Inspiration from 1930’s Disney Animation

With all the video games out there, you’d think they’ve thought of everything. Turns out a blast from the past can be a good thing. A company called Studio MDHR has taken an old 1930’s animation cartoon to the next level in their game Cuphead: Don’t Deal with the Devil.This platform game for the X Box One looks intense at first glance and that’s not all. It’s truly revolutionary in its unique style. You’ll run and gun through cartoon madness with watercolor backgrounds and original jazz music for background in 1930’s style.

This company used hand-drawn and hand-inked animation like Disney used to, but in a completely far out way. Keep your eyes peeled for this 2016 release. It’s bound to be a core shaker.

Source – Verge

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