Cubii Under Desk Elliptical Brings A Gym Right Under Your Desk

Cubii attacks an ongoing conundrum of combatting the modern workplace’s slowly grinding sedentary postures: how to keep a body moving without slashing productivity in the name of a workout and turning office space into a sea of bodies wildly in motion. Cubii is the office-sized apparatus that needs no more than your desk’s natural legroom to offer a brisk on-demand cardio session anytime your legs itch to move.

Essentially, Cubii is a digitally enhanced elliptical that goes just about wherever you rest your feet. Its eight instantly switchable resistance levels each torch around 150 calories per hour at the intensity you choose. With a silky smooth and whisper quiet range of motion, getting your blood pumping won’t create a distracting nuisance to neighboring desk jockeys. Its optimal angles limit range of motion and applied force spares bumped knees throughout an almost “unconscious” workout.

Of course, actively tracking any workout’s results makes universes of difference in maintaining consistency, and Cubii is no exception. Its companion app lets you lay out your goals while perpetually tracking your progress toward their wompletion, from distances pedaled to calories burned at daily, weekly and monthly glances. The app can also give you a motivational bump if it notices too-long stretches of inactivity and lets you share your results and workouts to stage friendly challenges among fellow Cubii users to match or top your results.

With Fitbit and Jawbone interactivity coming in January 2016, you can also earn credit for your on-the-job workouts as you sync your data for even more of a boost. Cubii will leave you with no excuse to shirk moving your body while you push pencils.


Source – Cubii

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