Crystal Head Vodka Decanter Cleverly Made Into A Skull Wall Sconce

Vodka bottles are hardly the type of decor that one would use to decorate their rooms with…unless of course said vodka bottle is made from a kick-ass crystal skull!

Thats probably exactly what Rob from MoonshineLamp Co thought to himself one drunken night after with empty skull bottles strewn through his house. “Hey, I bet this would make cool sconce!”

This is a wall sconce made from a recycled Crystal Head Vodka 750 ML bottle. A set of two of these would look awesome on either side of the bar or mantel. Switch the bulb to red for Halloween!

What a great idea! If you’re a fan of biker gear,  goth, looking to celebrate talk like a pirate day,  or maybe you just want this for your next Halloween party,  then head over to the etsy store to pick up one of these bad boys.  Price is about $235 each.

Source – Cool Material

If the price is a bit steep, you want to try to make one for yourself, or perhaps you just want a Skull Vodka Decanter, then check out the link below.


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