Cruisin’ Tiki Party Boat Is A Booze Cruise With Polynesian Style Fun

Believe it or not, the dying days of summer won’t mean the inevitable demise of outdoor-party weather for all the Unique Hunters tribe. In fact, for some of our agents in the farther western reaches of the United States, the end of August means that unrelenting arid heat gives way to about eight months of ideal party and picnic weather.

For our friends residing between New Mexico and California soon to savor the milder temps spanning from September to May in the American Southwest, there are still many months ahead for the Cruisin’ Tiki Party Boat to float from shore to shore and everywhere among the open water in between. Whereas the similar iRev Boat fits a craft with just a simple picnic table, this baby goes all-in with a fully equipped tiki bar and accompanying stools atop its octagonal wooden platform.

Whether drifting along in open water powered by its 30-horsepower Suzuki engine and 12-gallon gas tank or tethered and gently bobbing alongside a beach or dock, the 15.5-foot-diameter Cruisin’ Tiki accommodates 12 passengers to a maximum weight of 2,200 lbs. However, since a full-size drunken adult can’t be counted on to remember all the lyrics to “Don’t Rock The Boat”, let alone consider that phrase a captain’s order, we strongly recommend erring on the side of safety and being conservative with how many people you pack onboard. In addition to the wet bar, this boozy boat bumps with a Bose Bluetooth sound system that rocks the party with a little help from the device of your choice. Every Cruisin’ Tiki also comes equipped with Coast Guard-approved life jackets, horn, and fire extinguisher for the safety of you and your guests.

Compared to the cringeworthy expense of renting even a “modest” yacht, it’s a safe, affordable, and fun choice for getting wet ‘n wild leaving dry land behind.

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