Creepy Helmets That Look Like Human Heads Suggest Flesh Is In

You love riding your motorcycle, that’s no lie. While you’d love to go cruising down the street with a helmet that looks like a watermelon, a superhero, or Darth Vader, you haven’t seen anything yet.
A crazed digital designer by the name of Jyo John Mullor has created a Xzibit collection of custom-made helmets that are so lifelike you’re likely to gag a little bit. Well swallow that little bit of vomit that just came up, because when you see the side-by-sides of these models, it gets even more real. Clearly this guy gets points for creativity, but holy Moses, they could’ve WARNED us how lifelike these were.

It may not be Soylent Green, but it sure looks like it’s made of people.
Human Head Custom Helmets 2 Human Head Custom Helmets 1 Human Head Custom Helmets 6 Human Head Custom Helmets 5 Human Head Custom Helmets 4 Human Head Custom Helmets 3
Source – Incredible Things via Dunked

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Custom Helmets
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