Creative Zombie Planter Adds a Dash of ‘Terrifying’ to Your Garden

Looking for a cool garden ornament that’s a little more interesting than those useless gnomes or squirrels eating your garden? Bonus points for scaring the neighbors? Then this Zombie Planter from Stelter Creative ought to do the trick for all you Walking Dead fans! Also fine for being kept indoors.

Essentially, it’s a plant pot with a sculpted hand bursting out where you’d normally expect to see the plant. The hand is completely green which further creates the effect – so you might have to double take before you realize it’s not just a regular cactus or some boring crap like that…

What’s more awesome is that this plant doesn’t need to be watered, it doesn’t need fertilizer… it just looks after itself. This is mainly because it’s already dead, like all kinds of weird zombie items.

zombie planter

Also it’s because it’s not a plant.

Psyche. You actually do have to water it – at least to begin with seeing as it is one of those cool foam things that grows into its shape. So when you get it, that isn’t even its final form.

zombie planter sign

And once it’s fully grown, then you can ignore it. And freak people out with it. Which is way better than any regular plant.

Source – Etsy

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