Crazy Creative Funny Baked Goods Makes Betty Crocker Look Basic

Mankind has cooked with fires since over 250,000 years ago, or so the estimates say. Still, our techniques of making culinary masterpieces vary far and wide to this very day. You may not be Betty Crocker, but with the world population at an all-time high and gay marriage now legal in the States, special catering will rise exponentially.You don’t necessarily have to go to culinary school to make unique edible works of art. It’s a process of trial and error, really. Whether you’re watching Cake Boss or Martha Stewart, throw out convention with this reel of inspirational baked goods.

After all, creativity has made people legends. What are you waiting for? Embrace your quirky attitude towards life with something original. You’re sure to give your customers an insatiable sweet tooth as you play God with baked goods.

Source – Laughing Squid via Lou Lou P’s Delights


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