Crayola Imaginables Turns Your Childs’ Art Into A Real Stuffed Animal

It’s amazing what children can do, especially if you give them free reign over a box of crayons! Drawing pictures with crayons benefits children in many ways, it lets their imagination flow and stirs their creative juices, and that produces amazing, heart-felt picture art.

Because the pictures that children draw are so important, parents often save these, for memory sake. It would be wonderful if you could take the pictures that your children draw and bring them to life; did you know can, with Imaginables!

All you have to do is send a copy of your child’s drawing to Imaginables, by either phone or email explaining any special instructions or helpful comments about the drawing, and then wait just 4 weeks and you will receive an actually stuffed replica of your child’s drawing.

It is amazing to see what was created on paper, with crayons, transformed into an actual physical form as a stuffed pillow. Next thing you know, your home becomes filled with pillow replicas of your child’s drawings, which is a wonderful thing to happen.

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