CouchCoaster Armrest Cup Holder Idiot-Proofs Your Living Room With Safer Drinking

The CouchCoaster keeps frosty, perspiring beverages from sweating rings into tables in the most surefire-effective way possible: it eliminates having to rest them there at all.

Seriously, what is it about common beverage etiquette that escapes some guests so easily? In the interest of helping them simply not ruin your furniture, you provide them with little landing pads for their drinks. It isn’t as though placing a cup atop a coaster requires the same hand-eye coordination as slugging a Major League curveball. Sadly, time and again, people prove themselves incapable of mastering the relatively straightforward command, “Set this on top of this.” We often wonder what it would be like to see these particular partygoers try to assemble a sandwich.

If you provide raised coasters, even that invites an especially klutzy kind of failure. The one time someone exhibits the decency to set a glass of merlot where it belongs, the previous six consumed over the past two hours will rear all their burgundy heads at once, your drinking buddy will set the Jesus juice aside with half the stemware teetering over the coaster’s edge, and the next thing you know, your brand-new eggshell carpet looks like a set piece from “Dexter.”

Finally, we’ve all either witnessed it or set it in motion: someone stuck on the end of the couch or in the armchair more than an arm’s length from a table decides to just set a glass on the floor and hope for the best. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen with an open-top container on the same plane as shuffling, stepping, running, kicking, and tripping feet?

Enter the CouchCoaster. This iron-weighted drink caddy fashioned from BPA-free silicone and ABS plastic drapes over any sofa or chair arm 5.5 inches (14 cm) or wider with a snug, secure fit. If the original high-walled holder’s dimensions don’t quite suit your bottle, can, glass, or mug, just add the convenient adapter to fill in gaps and prevent wobbling. It even includes a handy notch for mug handles, ensuring there’s refreshment it can’t cradle safely. It would take actual concerted, “Why would you do that?” effort to topple a drink from its embrace, leaving you perfectly justified to get rip-roaring pissed if someone still manages to drench your furniture and floors.

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