Cosplay Costumes from WonderCon 2015 Give Your Favorite Characters A New Edge

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, Pop Culture is a driving force in itself. It seems like every year we are assaulted with a new boat load of ideas, characters, and perspectives that question our thinking on a whole new level.

It’s only natural of course to idolize some of these unconventional characters, so why not be them if only for a day? Norman Chan, a photographer from Tested was at Wondercon 2015, has taken his favorite cosplayers, characters, and creatures and showcased them here.

Though you will see some typical examples like Alice in Wonderland and Supergirl, there are some hidden gems in here. How about Snow White as Bobba Fett? She may have a lovely singing voice, but she’ll take you out. Or how about armor glad Wonder Woman? Lady Justice is ready to defend her honor. Scroll down through the horde of photos. You know you want to.



Source – Tested
Cosplay Costumes
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