Cosplay Boom in Star Wars Universe Has Fans Reaching a New Echelon of Creativity

Whether you just like dressing up like every day is Halloween or you simply need a visual outlet for the torturous wait for Episode VII, Cosplay Boom is covering the many cosplayers that are immersing themselves in the Star Wars universe.Many of these costumes are based straight from the films, but even more cosplayers with an open mind are embracing a new level of creativity in the popular hobby with one-of-a-kind inspirations.

Watch this Adidas-branded stormtrooper break it down or drool over the impeccable detail that some fans spent relentless hours creating in their adaptations. Who knows, you may even see some of these unique characters in Episode VII!

Here are some random Cosplay Boom cosplay for your pleasure

Source – Cosplayboom / Facebook

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