Corn-To-Ride Handlebar Corn Holders Make Cob-Chomping as Easy As Riding A Bike

Corn production plays a huge role in our nation’s economy, so when you’re out rooting for the Nebraska Cornhuskers you might be helpless to craving the great American staple of corn on the cob in all its smoked goodness. After all, we’re #1 in the world for corn production, so why not celebrate with some of this delectable treat straight from the grill?
Fred and Friends is turning back time with their Corn-To-Ride Handlebar Corn Holders. It’s just like riding a bike right? Simply stick these old-fashioned bike grips into the cob and chow down. Whether you’re a sloppy butter and corn-loving mess or just need more fiber and vitamin B6, hold onto these grips for a yummy ride for your taste buds.
Corn-To-Ride Handlebar Corn Holders 2Corn-To-Ride Handlebar Corn Holders 1
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