Corgi Cosplay As All 13 Doctors From Doctor Who

The internet is jam-packed with weird… stuff, which is one of the main reasons why people love it so much, because you can be as weird as you want and someone out there will see it – the weirdness you’ve done online. Well, the internet is not just for humans anymore; now, animals such as peoples’ pets are garnishing the limelight and raking-in some serious views on Youtube.

One such animal is a Welsh Corgi that has been dressed up for a cosplay video of all 13 of the Doctors from Doctor Who, spanning over 52 years. The Corgi, named Wally, does an outstanding job parading around in cosplay outfits, as you will see in the video. And, if you are a fan over Doctor Who, then you will surely get a few good smiles from Wally’s Cosplay debut.

Source – Mashable

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