Convert Your iPhone Into A 1984 Vintage Apple Computer

We can’t be the only ones who long for a time before Apple seemingly became as obsessed with trendy signature visual cues across their entire line of gadgets as they once were with engineering unmatched user-friendly software and hardware. Thanks to Elago’s M4 Phone Stand, we can at least pop our iPhones into the stand and pretend to tinker on some imaginary hitherto-unknown early 1984 Apple Macintosh prototype built with a nascent touchscreen decades ahead of the technology’s time.

OK, so the tactile interactivity and conspicuous lack of a keyboard are both notable departures from the presentation of Apple’s breakthrough personal computer. Still, on the bright side, the widescreen horizontal view is pretty easy to acclimate to and certainly an improvement over the original’s cramped square display. Meanwhile, if you should find yourself yearning to deepen the Elago M4’s authenticity to the experience of toiling at a vintage Macintosh, you could always introduce a Bluetooth keyboard to the setup and jailbreak your iPhone to run Mini vMac for a charming emulation of Apple’s classic Mac Plus, Mac II or Mac 128K operating systems in place of iOS.

Made of tough scratch-free silicone, the Elago M4 comfortably accommodates the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and probably the iPhone 8. A larger version sized to fit various iPhone Plus models is also available, but neither version will fit a phone wearing a case.

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