Connected Cycle Can Turn Your Bike Into a ‘Smart Bike’

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text bordered=””]Fitness trackers are all the rage at the moment but unfortunately it seems that the main market for these devices has been runners. Largely these gadgets are pretty much just fancy pedometers often with a heart rate monitor included for good measure and that means they aren’t all that useful for people who lift weights or ride bikes.

Connected Cycle Pedal

Connected Cycle GPS Tracking App

Connected Cycle GPS Tracking App

The Connected Cycle pedal changes all that. This is a ‘connected pedal’ that can relay all kinds of information about the way you’re riding – from the speeds you reach and the routes you take, to the calories you burn and the incline you face.

All the information is of course sent to the cloud as is standard fair these days and you can then look at it all on your app. Better yet, if someone steels your bike, you’ll be able to use your ‘smart pedal’ in order to track them down and extract your vengeance like Liam Neeson.

Connected Cycle GPS Tracking App

In other words then, cyclists can now join in with all the health tracking, smart device fun! Burn more calories, build more muscle and avoid losing loads of money. Sounds like a win/win! Just so long as the pedal doesn’t start arguing about the best route to avoid traffic…

Source – Verge via ConnectedCycle


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