Concrete Arrow Bow Tie Lends A Hard Edge To High Fashion

At first glance, we weren’t even sure we had read the original description correctly. A “concrete cravat” sounds like a professional wrestling hold that got us expelled in junior high for permanently altering how far Bobby Jenkins could turn his head to the left.

Nope. What we read is what we got. It is indeed a concrete bow tie. As in, arrow-tipped lightweight cast concrete paired with a twine-wrapped paper center. Amazingly, one size actually fits most neck sizes between 12 and 21 inches. Lisa and Sean Reico have indeed handcrafted an innovation for hard men with just a dash of class beneath their rougher exteriors.

Face it, if you’re like us, you’re just dying to work this into a Wedding Day Fred Flintstone cosplay. Yabba-Dabba-Dapper.

Concrete Arrow Bow Tie (2)

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Looking dapper doesn't have to be so HARD

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