Concept Art for Mad Max From 15 Years Ago Shows How Timeless Good Ideas Are

From the 70’s to now, spanning over 3 decades, Mad Max has had 4 films in total and has built a grungy cult following to its post-apocalyptic concept. If you weren’t impressed with Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Max Rockatansky, then you were surely pleased by Tom Hardy’s performance in Mad Max Fury Road.
Regardless of your stance on the subject, you may be surprised to learn that some of the ideas from the most recent film were actually taken from concept art nearly 15 years ago. No lie! Australian artist Peter Pound created nearly 1000 storyboards and concept art for Mad Max Fury Road a decade and a half ago. Looks like some ideas still translate over time.

Oh what a day. What a lovely day! … I live, I die! I live again!

Source – LaughingSquid via Peter Pound 

Mad Max Fury Road Art
Mad Max Fury Road Art


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