Colgate Connect E1 Toothbrush Makes Brushing Your Teeth Smarter

Newly announced from Colgate, one of the most well-known dental care companies in the world, is the Colgate Connect E1. In a partnership with Apple, Colgate is debuting the “first of its kind” toothbrush with AI integrated into it. Paired with the Colgate Connect app, you receive updates each time you brush on how well or poorly you are brushing. So, if brushing your teeth just isn’t interesting enough to make you get off the couch (trust us, you still need to we all notice) this techy spin may make even the most anti-brushers get cleaning.

Colgate has been making electronic toothbrushes for years now. They help clean better and more efficiently than a normal toothbrush and closely relate to what dentists use. The rounded brush head uses “sonic vibrating technology” to remove plaque and bacteria from your chompers. It charges via a rechargeable battery and lasts for up to 10 days on one charge. The sleek white handle is slim and stylish to look good in any bathroom. The real draw of the Colgate Connect E1 is inside the handle, though. Artificial intelligence built into the brush gathers data about how well you brush and identifies the areas you have trouble with. Bluetooth also built in sends the data to the Colgate Connect app on your smartphone for easy access.

The fun just doesn’t stop after the brushing is done. Pull up the Colgate Connect app for a whole host of other features. Sensors integrated into the brush make a 3D map of your mouth that you can see at any time. It even coaches you in real time how long and where to brush and you can follow right along with the 3D model. For kids, the built in Go Pirate game similarly helps teach them how to make sure they brush every tooth while collecting coins in the game. Not enough to convince you? The app is full of tips that teach you how to better care for your teeth. Still not enough? It supports a family mode so that everyone in the family can get in on the brushing action and see how well each other are brushing. Truly packed with features, the Colgate Connect is the most advanced toothbrush on the market today.

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