Coffee And A Donut USB Mug Warmer Keeps Drinks Warm The Homer Simpson Way

It’s already easier to list the tasks computers can’t make easier to manage, but that list just became even shorter: they can now keep our coffee hot. Using a donut. What in the name of Dunkin’…?

The Coffee And A Donut USB Mug Warmer has become the capstone to our godlike gaming den. This convenient plug-in pastry is compatible with any Mac, PC, Chromebook, and all other computers with at least one USB port to keep any ceramic mug invitingly hot. Never again will we sip stone-cold bitter sludge after six straight hours of “Overwatch” leave our blessed java cruelly neglected next to a starving cat, six-inch-thick stack of bills, and spouse threatening to divorce us if we can’t unplug for five minutes to talk about the biopsy results.

Hey, we have priorities in order. Bills can almost always wait one more day (until they can’t). Cats are natural predators. A few hours won’t change the lab reports. Coffee, though? We get an hour or so of prime warmth, tops, without something with a convenient on/off switch buying us some time. With all due respect, the coffee was there first, so it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, Change the things you can deal with, ignore the things really don’t want to, and be a savvy enough slacker to tell the difference.

We’re pretty sure it goes something like that.


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