Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet Sets Five O’Clock Off With Boozy, Stylish Bang

What if they had a war and nobody came?

Well, those eight-foot-tall bombs packing over 600 pounds of hot death in their bellies have to go somewhere. What better way to toast peace than to hollow out one of those lethal bastards into this handsome Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet and pour one for every life that gutted weaponry will never take.

Three glass shelves enclosed within the gorgeous 1970s missile fuselage atop a gold-plated spindle above a slidding lacquered American Walnut platform in the base. Combined, the whole set up houses a cocktail-ready arsenal of tempting tools of delicious libations.

Howard Stark might have believed the best weapon was one you never had to fire. Sorry, Tony. We’re with your dad on this one. To peace!

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This Cabinet Really IS the BOMB!

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