Cliff House By Modscape Literally Takes a Leap of Faith In Their Design

Not every nation has sparsely populated areas ripe for the picking like we do. There’s only so much space in the world, and if you’re tired of all the conventional houses that sit on the ground or just want something different, a home in Australia has taken a leap of faith. Literally.

This house created by Modscape on the very side of a cliff is called the Cliff House and was created for some out-of-the-box clients who wanted some extreme parcels of seaside land in Australia. What they got is surprising. This 5-story house literally hangs on the side of a cliff by a series of engineered steel pins that hold the home in place.

Though we’re feeling a little nauseous just thinking of that ocean view, maybe some of you sea lovers are ready for a little change of atmosphere.
Cliff House (4) Cliff House (2) Cliff House (3) Cliff House (1)
Source – Modscape

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