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Classic TV Mug Set Brings Three ’80s Favorites Home To Serve Your Coffee

Raise a toast to an unforgettable age of television with this kitschy Classic TV Mug Set honoring three quirky favorites of primetime’s most beloved shows. The 1980s weren’t the Days of Wine and Roses themselves, but with all due respect to what many call the most recent “Golden Age of Television”, our time just misses that light-hearted innocence of a decade of Cocaine and Reagans.

Keep your cuppa as warm as those heartfelt good times with kooky Mork from “Mork & Mindy”, that lovable, sudsy oaf Norm from “Cheers” or smooth, charming “The Love Boat” barman Isaac, thanks to these clever designs that position your own head right over those bygone favorites’ bodies while you spew their signature quotes. You’ll basically be like one big coffee/hot chocolate/tea/etc.-filled bobblehead or Funko POP! vinyl figurine.

You’ll always have a place in your heart for these timeless TV favorites. In return, there will always be a place in them for your beverage.



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