Classic Nixie Tube Clock Kit Displays Time Like A Mad Scientists Lab

Uses Today’s Technology With Yesterday’s
Everyone knows you’re a mad scientist, that’s a fact. Whether people see it in the stained lab coat you wear nearly every day or in your resemblance to the mad doctor from Robot Chicken, you pride yourself on having the latest gizmos and gadgets from around the world. Even Batman would be jealous. So why aren’t you using a new gadget to tell the time?

No, we’re not talking about a tiny smartwatch. The Classic Nixie Tube Clock Kit lets you use today’s tech with yesterday’s display for a different way of telling time. Your time will display with bright orange hues in Nixie tubes with a Quart Crystal timebase.

This display can be further customized with an updated infrared remote control that can change the timebase color and settings. The clock kit also has your standard applications like an alarm clock system and sleep mode to conserve tube life.

The Nixie tubes resemble classic test tubes that you’d see in a Mary Shelley remake, so put this baby next to your newly created contraptions and let the world hear your evil laugh from miles away. It’s alive! Muahahaha!

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