Circuit Board Masking Tape Turns Anything Into A Computer

It seems like every other month or so we have to buy something for someone. Birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries, promotion at work and special gifts for loved ones, because we care. And, these all need to be wrapped. The problem is that almost all types of gift wrapping material people have used, over and over. Basically, ‘been there and done that’ gift wrapping is boring.

You want something new, something different? Checkout the Circuit Board Masking Tape, its decorative masking tape that you don’t have to try and hide when wrapping presents, just the opposite, its wrapping tape that is made to be seen.

In fact, it is such high-quality masking tape that it looks just like circuit board material, so much that you have to put your face right up to it to appreciate how realistic it looks. So, next time you buy an electronic gift, try wrapping it up with this decorative Circuit Board Wrapping Tape and watch the receiver gasp over how realistic the wrapping tape looks.


Circuit Board Masking Tape 4Circuit Board Masking Tape 2Circuit Board Masking Tape 3

Source –  Oparts (Japanese Site)

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