Chunky Knit Blankets & Chunky Knit Pet Beds Look Luxuriously Warm

We like big knits, and we cannot lie.

Imitation just may be one of the best ways to sell a pet on a nifty new bed. With some interestingly chunky wool spools and massive needles, Anna Mo has transferred the big three-inch stitches of her popular blankets and wraps to creating brilliantly colored pet beds that perfectly imitate the 100% merino wool knits her human fans love. They’re just big enough to look like your cat or dog is getting comfy atop entire whole yarn spools.

Early on, Mo would knit the material entirely by hand. The result was an impressive construct of large loops that became an earmark of her personal style. She recently launched a Kickstarter campaign the explains how she creates her accessories and beds in a touchingly lighthearted fashion. If you’d like to learn more about her Ohhio Etsy shop and see some more fine samples of her work, check out her light-and-fluffy Instagram account anytime.


Source – ThisIsColossal

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