Chronos Converts Any Watch Into A Smartwatch

If your wrist is sporting any watch much more advanced than a vintage LCD Casio or a sundial, then guess what? Chronos has your simple and inexpensive upgrade to a “smartwatch” that sidesteps having to buy a brand-new timepiece.

It’s always the way with wearables, isn’t it? The tech comes in more compact, attractive packages housing more versatile hardware all the time. Chronos just happens to weigh in at a phenomenally trim 3mm thin in order to fit discreetly and easily onto the back of just about any watch with micro-suction attachment. No magnets. No adhesives. No unsightly residues.

From there, simple taps and gestures silence or answer calls to your paired phone, skip through music libraries, scan real-time fitness tracking, and browse your personally curated notifications. Chronos won’t pester you with anything you decide you couldn’t care less about.

Inside a stainless steel, water-resistant casing 33mm in diameter and compatibly sized to fit more than 80% of watches sold anywhere, you’ll find features as beneficial as those found in full-fledged smartwatches several times the price of Chronos. The accessory charges wirelessly to provide up to a 36-hour battery life. The whole package, from the haptic vibration and LED notifications to its built-in accelerometer, runs off Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy integration to get the very most out of every drop of its day-and-a-half of fully charged juice.

Chronos is compatible with iOS and Android phones to let you be present and connected everywhere in your life you’re needed without distractions. Set distinctive optional light displays and vibrations to alert you to calendar invitations, calls and selected priority contacts, among other choices. Choose just which tap and gesture patterns you want to use to scroll your music, adjust your phone’s volume, and activate the camera. The Chronos app provides complete at-a-glance reports on your physical activity throughout your day or sync Chronos with the preferred fitness platform of your choice.

All things considered, Chronos demonstrates just how smart your watch can already be.


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