Chromatic LED Watch Tells Time Using Animated Colors

Before the use of numbers, ancient people used light to tell time. Ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians and then the Greeks used sundials to tell time throughout the day. This way of telling time helped these once great nations to manage the hours in a day before the sun set, and because of this ability they were able to accomplish work more efficiently than any other nation.

With the new Chromatic LED watch you don’t need ‘numbers’ to tell what time it is because it displays 6 vibrant animation modes, using 60 unique LEDs, instead. It’s a ‘groovy’ watch, to say the least, and it will keep you fixated on the time in a way that is fun and entertaining.

Telling time is easy and fun with colors, you can choose which colors are used for the hour, minutes, and the seconds hand which pulses. Do you want to light up your life and have a good time while doing it, then this attractive Chromatic LED Watch is what you want.

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