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Chromatic LED Color Spectrum Clock Makes Watching Seconds Tick By Riveting

It’s man’s instinct tell time by the presence or absence of light. Going back to when human beings first rose upright, when the sun rose above the horizon, it was time to rise, hunt and gather all the livelong day. When it sank in the west – or “Grunt Grunt Snort” as that cardinal direction might have been called before recorded language – it was time to be on guard against predators emerging to hunt under cover of darkness and eventually to sleep.


Ages before this mesmerizing ThinkGeek-original LED Color Spectrum Clock, first the ancient Babylonians and then the Greeks following in their footsteps developed the sundial to mark the passing hours by the position of the sun’s shadow. Between the two inventions, a farmer’s almanac aided in calculating the hours each day between sunrise and sunset with nothing more than sunlight and a free hand. Whether hanging or standing, this timepiece’s 60 vibrant LEDs and six animation modes one-up that wisdom of the ages with a good dose of distracting happiness.

Just choose a display mode and watch your everyday responsibilities crumble in a pile of heap beneath the pretty, pretty colors:

  • PULSE – Red hour, minute and second hands, with the minute hand pulsing out the seconds
  • RGB – The red second hand performs a 10-slice-wedge sweeping motion around the blue minute hand pulsing the seconds and green hour hand
  • RAINBOW – The blackout hour and seconds-pulsing minute hands stand out against a rotating wheel of all the LED hues, whith the red section marking the second
  • RED ALERT – The red hour, second-pulsing minute and second hands mark time with a 10-slice-wedge sweep of passing seconds
  • TRAFFIC LIGHT – The red hour, green minute and yellow second hands are each marked by a three-slice wedge
  • CRAZY SUNSET – The hour displays between the magenta hand and white minute hand, while the minutes are filled between the minute hand and yellow second hand, but colors are changeable to suit your fancy

Powered by either CR2032 3v lithium battery or a USB source.



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Every hour is HAPPY HOUR!

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