This Chocolate Bar Costs $260 and Took 2 Years To Produce

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To’ak is Chocolate for Super Posh People

Chocolate has been done to death and is pretty easy to come by. If this makes the whole concept a little ‘common’ for you though, then you might be interested in seeking out some To’ak, which is the most exclusive and the finest chocolate in the world. Apparently.


The creators of To’ak are an American and Austrian who live in Ecuador and who used the finest traditional ingredients and techniques to create the truly perfect chocolate treat.

They compare the making of this chocolate to the making of a fine wine. They have labored over each piece and it has taken them a total of two years to make fewer than 600 bars. And that’s not just because they were dosing on the job. The box contains wooden tweezers so you can eat each piece of chocolate without disturbing the balance of oils that help give the chocolate its exquisite taste. Warning: you may look like a complete ponce.

And all this for only $260! Yep, for just a little less than the price of a smartphoneyou could enjoy a few minutes of ‘very nice chocolate’. Bargain.

To’ak is a combination of different Ecuadorian dialects (of course it would be something pretentious…) and means ‘earth tree’.

Source – Luxatic via Toakchocolate


Most Delicious Chocolate Ever
Most Delicious Chocolate Ever
You know you want to try it. You can't resist.

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