Chin Rest Arm Changes The Way You Sleep At Work

No, that headline is neither a cheeky bit of “Engrish” nor an overlooked typo. Japan as a whole has a way with leaving “the box” in another dimension when looking for a solution to a problem, and in this instance, the result is the desk-mounted Chin Rest Arm.

We feel pretty safe assuming that just about every adult reading has done it at some point or another: whether during your school days or on the job, you’ve given in to nodding off at your workspace. At the very least, everyone is guilty of just giving in to muscle fatigue and falling into a back, neck and shoulder-taxing slouch. The Chin Rest Arm literally sets you straight with multiple versatile articulations that lend your cheek and chin a supportive leaning post.

The Chin Rest Arm clips onto and removes just as easily from the edge of any table or desk and promotes healthy alignment of the neck and back with a white-plastic open palm in a comfortable position either against your cheek or under your chin. Your posture gradually improves while your body actually enjoys a nice relaxing rest from continuously supporting itself in a locked and upright position.

Oh, speaking of “rest”, the soft plastics also indeed serve as a handy napping tool when re-energizing your body through optimal posture just isn’t the order of the day. Clip it to the arm of a chair and lean right into the hand or lay your head down across the “forearm” cushioning or palm for a comfy – if just a bit odd – pillow.



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